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Hey peeps! 

This is a Marvel Superheroes game running on alternate Monday's at ISC

It’s set in a new (but awfully familiar) world, vaguely styled after the MCU, marvel cinematic universe. So, think Avengers movies, Agents of SHIELD and Netflix’s greatest – a sci-fi real world feel, no unnecessary spandex in sight – only anything could (have) happen(ed)!

I will pull ideas, heroes, villains and more from anywhere and any canon – it’ll just be filtered through the MCU lens :)

Fun over formality, chargen should be all wrapped up in the first session – you’re at the mercy of RNG though! – and I’ll try and keep a decent pace up and fresh challenges every week, from Feeble to Monstrous!

For a bit more on the system this is a great resource, but don’t worry about trying to prepare too much, it’ll just make me look bad :)


Next dates:

7th May

21st May

Note: If you have not already, please put your character up in the Characters section,. so I can help you with the final bits of CharGen.

Similarly, there is a Forum under the Character Forum group to give a bit of an Intro to your character. Matthew and I have already done ours. Join in. Its better for the game, the GM and the setting if people know what to expect.

Speaking of Forums…
We have added 3 Forums:
Rules Questions. (Any questions about MSH rules, or houserules we are using. Answered by the GM (and JJ))
Settings Questions. (Any questions about MU, MCU or M[MU]U. Answered by the GM (and JJ))
Character Questions. (Any questions about other Characters. This one will be answered by the Player of the Character – so they can control “official” knowledge).
I have also put the first post in Character Questions. A sub-Forum called “Character Reputations” – What does the world at large know/think about your character?

Home Page

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